Hello, salutations and so on.

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog randomly then you won’t know that this isn’t actually my first here on WordPress. Indeed, this is actually the first entry of my second blog. You can catch up on that by visiting my last entry on it if you like – it has links to a few favourite series’ I did – but the short of why this one is taking its place is that, as someone who aspires to write comics one day, I wanted to really focus on my reading of them and see what I could learn by critiquing / reviewing them far more in-depth and closely than usual. Though I never talked about it on my last blog, this is actually something I’ve wanted to do for a while, specifically since expanding my comics horizon with the purchasing of creator-owned comics like those published by Image and independent comics such as those published by Top Shelf, both of which have been quite the eye-openers for me.

Now would probably be a good time for me to tell you my history with comics, but I’m not actually going to bother doing that at this point. You can probably see that I’m a big 2000AD fan from the rather lovely Chris Weston illustrated background adorning the title of the blog, and believe me when I say that that’s a comic – an anthology title and the galaxy’s greatest, don’tcherknow! – that I’ll have a lot to say about, but other than that, I’d like to leave it to you to discover what other comics I’ve enjoyed and found to have influenced me throughout my life as the blog goes on, as they will most certainly be mentioned in entries appropriate for them or in their very own.

Whatever the case, even though I’ve discovered and read a wide selection of comics until fairly recently, what I’ve read from Image and now Top Shelf have really steered my interests away from the norm. Indeed, the next entry on this blog should actually focus on how bored I’ve found myself reading some Batman, Superman and other DC graphic novels – superhero comics in other words. A few went unfinished, but nearly all that I’ve just gotten round to earlier this week are getting sold in either case and I’d like to talk about why this is – what it was about them that made them a bit of a chore to read and why I thought to myself they weren’t worth keeping.

After that – well, I’m not really sure where to begin honestly! There’s a lot of various types of entries I’d like to make on this new blog – and I intend to group them under more categories too, hopefully for much easier navigation – but unlike my last, I have no intention of being as forthcoming anymore about the future of the blog, as I found that that approach had me concentrating more on the blog itself than the next proper entry I should have been writing.

No, I want to really put all the effort I possibly can into writing new entries at a more consistent rate than before, which means I won’t be using the space between to blab about an exact schedule of entries I’m sticking to or something. For one thing, that’s really bloody stupid. I mean, you don’t care, right? But for another, I am useless at sticking to deadlines – so fuck ’em. Simple as that.

And that is really all I wanted to say in this introductory post. Look out for my first real entry in the coming days and after that – who knows? Maybe I’ll put a bunch of names of comics in a hat and do something with the one I pull out, or maybe I’ll have a specific topic I feel comfortable writing about. Until then, I hope you stick around as I try to entertain and educate myself a little more in the process of doing so.

My name’s Jordan – Scoattish if ye couldnae tell – and I’ll see you next time.



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  2. Jeyna Grace · October 7, 2014

    Have fun with this new blog, Jordan!


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